Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Get Over Being Average

During my presentations I joke about some CPAs who seem to be excited when they receive the latest MAP survey and find out their statistics place them in the average category. There seems to be a sense of relief,  “Hooray, we’re right there – we’re average!” To me, it is a sign complacency has set-in and owners are way too comfortable doing what they have always done.

If you have been doing any business reading lately or following any of the prominent business writers, consultants, etc. you may have read that the time for average is over.

If you want to have a successful firm, which translates into being personally successful, you have to PUSH beyond average.

I like these words from Chris Brogan:

We are wasting so much energy in turbulence instead of in forward motion. We are drowning ourselves in distraction to avoid facing the work that needs doing. We’re chasing the shiny and new when the basics are what we need most. And we are seeking every possible opportunity to lie to ourselves or coddle ourselves, or make excuses. 

Owners are committed to attaining a next-level standard for themselves. 

There are plenty of “employees” and passive people roaming the planet that are just waiting for “they/them” to ruin their lives more. But you’re an owner. Even if you’re an employeepreneur, your belief is that you own your choices, own your life, and own your future. 

CPA firm owners and leaders – – don’t waste any more time in 2014. Get busy with FORWARD MOTION for your firm, your clients and your employees.

Aren’t your curious about what can be accomplished in the future?

  • "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
  • Walt Disney

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