Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Put It In Writing

Someone at your firm:

  • Is doing an extraordinary job.
  • Never hesitates to go above and beyond to better serve the client (and make you look good).
  • Never misses a day of work.
  • Is the first to volunteer to guide and improve the skills of less experienced team members.

There is a very meaningful way to recognize them and thank them. Personally, handwrite a note to them.

photo (1)This is a great time of year to write a note inside a Christmas card and put it on their desk. Or, buy a pack of Christmas thank-you notes and write a personal message inside and give them to people you want to recognize.

A few written words can speak volumes.

When I worked at a growing firm, I liked to use little notecards called WOW cards. If someone deserved an extra bit of recognition, I would write a brief message on the small card and place it on their keyboard or desk.

The message is appreciated but so is the fact that you actually took some time to think of them and write some personal words of encouragement.


  • "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone."
  • G. B. Stern

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