Thursday, September 17th, 2009


I pretty much live by the old saying, “don’t ever discuss politics or religion.”

However, all this hoopla about lying lately has been fascinating to follow. You can Google lying or liars and find all kinds of blogs and websites to inform you about famous liars and such.

How does this relate to CPA firm management? In a firm, you live in a political environment (whether you want to admit it or not). You can find lobbying activities going on outside of partner/management meetings that leads to outright campaigning to “win” whether it be by actual vote or by public opinion. Usually, no one admits that all this is really going on.

It’s not just at the partner level. Firm administrators, marketing directors, HR managers, technology managers have to lobby, convince, cajole to actually make good things happen. When I am coaching my clients, we talk a lot about this and I stress that all these words really mean “politicking” and it is often how you really play the game of business.

One example that you might observe is the Partner Nod. Here is how it works:

Everyone in the partner meeting (or retreat) nods their head in agreement. Once the meeting ends, partners huddle in their groups and say to each other “can you believe what that guy/gal said? I’m not doing that.” Meanwhile, the MP (or partner with the forward-thinking idea that requires CHANGE) thinks they had a meeting of the minds and believes that everything went really well and things were going to get done. To me, this is a simple case of lying.

“Lying is done with words and also with silence.” – – Adrienne Rich

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