Tuesday, January 4th, 2011


When I meet and talk with CPA groups, especially partners, I ask them if they have a Twitter account.

In small groups, I rarely get an affirmative answer.  In larger groups, one or two hands might go up.  Many admit that they really don’t know exactly what it is or what could possibly be the value.

This year, if you are the MP of your firm, I urge you to get a Twitter account and begin tweeting JUST FOR THOSE INSIDE YOUR FIRM.

You can select settings that enables you to “approve” who follows you on Twitter.

Begin tweeting, maybe once or twice per day.  This means saying in 140 characters something that is on your mind or something that you are doing (or going to do).

Examples:  “Met with Joe Smith of Chase Bank this morning for breakfast.”

“Talked with Sally about the new rates for our dental plan.”  (Sally is your HR person.)

“Met with Bill and we set the date for the annual management retreat.” (Bill is the firm administrator/COO)

“Joe and I got an appt with Star Enterprises!” (Star is a client you have been pursuing for a couple of years and Joe is your lead tax partner.)

I promise you – your entire staff will be following you and reading your tweets with interest. Your people, watch your leadership group, very closely.  They want to know what you are thinking and all the details of what is “going on” with the partners and other firm leaders.

There are few BIG SECRETS in your day to day life inside the firm.  Keep all your people in the loop in a very easy way.  They want to be close to the MP and this is a personal way to keep them “close” to you.  Maybe their father is best friends with the CFO at “Star Enterprises!”

There is a great article in Fast Company about Twitter.  Do you ever “talk back” to your television?  Wouldn’t you love to tell that guy on your favorite show that he is a jerk or that you admire him?  This article will make you really think about the power of Twitter.

Let me know when you begin tweeting for your team.  Also, let me know if your MP is already tweeting for the team.

  • "The art of communication is the language of leadership."
  • James Humes

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