Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Make Sure Your CPA Firm Performance Review System is in The Digital World

By now, most CPA firms I talk with have moved to an automated, digital solution for their employee performance review (management) system. Some are using a digital, online form that they have created themselves and many have embraced a software solution like Halogen eAppraisal.

I first learned about Halogen from Kathy Anthony, administrative partner, at O’Sullivan Creel, a Gulf Coast firm with 150 team members.

In the first year of implementation, O’Sullivan Creel saved 386 hours on time posted to performance management and that level of savings has been met or exceeded each year since.

If your are considering a new system for your firm, read this short O’Sullivan Creel story on the Halogen site.

Most CPA firm leaders find that performance reviews get stale after a few years. You should be modifying, updating and keeping up with current trends on a continual basis.

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  • Brian Tracy

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