Friday, September 2nd, 2011

No Whining Allowed

I bet, inside your CPA firm, you do NOT have any whiners.

Whenever I say that statement during my presentations, I ALWAYS get giggles, smirks and people glancing at each other. That tells me you certainly DO have them and remember, I lived inside a growing CPA firm for 30 years, I’ve known some personally.

I was reading a newsletter from a management consultant this morning and one of the bullet-points (well more than one) hit home with me relating to life inside a CPA firm.

Here it is:  “You have two choices with annoying actions and behaviors of others: Deal with it or forget about it. But fretting is not an option.”

How do you “deal with it” inside a CPA firm?  One of my great clients took a major step toward creating a really cool culture inside their firm this week.

Day One: The owners met and via lots of open, honest discussion agreed they really were on the same page.  A memorable statement I heard that day was “Let’s build something!” Sure, they have been building something for many years but they renewed their passion and agreed on a vision they could take to their team.

Day Two: The owners brought their entire team together for a full-day of discussion, debate and many avenues of open, honest feedback that resulted in a few important initiatives they feel they can accomplish to contribute to the building of a “cool” culture, during the next 18 to 24 months.

As a firm leader, don’t whine and don’t tolerate whining – DO THINGS. The CEO of JPMorgan keeps a huge “No Whiners” sign on the wall in his office. Why can’t you?

  • "We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things."
  • Herb Kelleher

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