Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Helicopter Parents & Your CPA Firm

I have been talking about it for many years now….. the fact that you, as a firm leader, will probably be receiving phone calls from parents of your young employees.

When I first began asking my audiences if they had ever received a phone call (about six years ago) one hand went up. Now, many hands go up when I ask that question during a presentation and they are eager to discuss how they handled it.

Well, get ready, it’s evolving to where parents expect to accompany their child to interviews, submit resumes on their behalf, etc. It is reported that Ernst  & Young creates “parent packs” for recruits. Read more here.

It is time to educate yourself on this topic, develop a plan for how your firm can respond and identify ways to involve parents. Read this article from HR Hero.

I think there are many positive ways to involve parents. I also think it is really not something that is new.  As you have extended offers to new college grads over the years, I bet they consulted with their parents before accepting your offer – it just wasn’t as public as it is now.  When I was very young, I can remember my dad consulting with his dad when he was deciding upon buying a new car for our family. Did you consult with your parents before you accepted your first job? I’m a baby boomer and I sure did.

I always recommend that when extending an offer to a top student that you send “something” to the students home so that the parents are impressed with your firm, too.

Helicopter parents are just one more thing to be aware of and plan for.

  • "Helicopters are renowned for working in some of the most remote and inaccessible locations on the planet."
  • Heliops International (magazine)

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