Friday, September 7th, 2012

The 2012 Rosenberg Survey Is Now Available

The 2012 version of The Rosenberg Survey is now available.

The MAP survey, ow in its 14th year, reports on the results of 396 firms, most of which range from $2 to $20 million in annual fees. Nearly 100 CPA firm metrics are measured.

I’m anxiously awaiting my hard copy to arrive in the mail. If you want to order yours, you can do so here.

Rosenberg notes that profits, as measured by income per partner, averaged $366,000 compared to $360,000 in 2010. Firms continued to hold expenses tight last year. Coupled with the improved growth rate, equity partner income improved. These tactics enabled firms to enjoy a modest improvement in profits despite the continuance of the recession.

Marc Rosenberg, is that you with Rita?

Read more highlights via Accounting Today.

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