Thursday, October 4th, 2012

I Don’t Want To Be Mean Or Disrespectful

However, are you really aware of what some of your people (maybe many of your people) think about you if you are a partner in a CPA firm?

I respect and truly like CPAs. I absolutely love working with them to improve the “inside health” of their firms. They are ladies and gentlemen and really, really nice people. Most of the time we get a lot accomplished and truly have fun. Yet, the usual excuse I get for not dealing with “management” issues is, “I’m too busy.”

As a result, things inside the firm don’t go smoothly and people working at firms begin to think….”there must be a better choice.”

I said all that to set the stage for a comment I received directly and unsolicited from a former team member in a CPA firm. This person was letting me know to take them off my newsletter mailing list. I just want you – CPA leader – to contemplate if this fits you in any way.

“Rita, I love what you are doing, but I got out of the public accounting industry last year after many years. My experience is that partners in this industry make up the worst management I have ever experienced. They are clueless. Keep up your efforts to get through to them.”

This one comment is not rare for me. I get many, similar to the following, that ask, “Rita, why don’t ‘they’ get it?

The talent wars are just beginning to heat-up. You really need to focus on retaining your very best performers (and out-placing your under-performers). If you cling to status-quo your entire firm will be mediocre. All-star talent does not want to work for a mediocre firm.

So – once October 15th passes – please get busy. There is still time this year to actually listen to your people and take action. Ask them what’s important to them.


  • "Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often."
  • Mae West

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