Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Missed A Day – Good Reason

DeadlineEver miss a deadline?

I am very proud of the fact that I have been blogging about accounting firm management almost every workday for over 7 years. I must admit, I do occasionally miss a day – it is very rare.

Yesterday was one of those days – but wait! I won’t make a habit of it and I have a good reason.

As you advise and mentor the people working inside your accounting firm, deadlines will definitely be missed. Here’s some advice you can give the people you supervise in case they miss a deadline:

  • Communicate to those involved .
  • Don’t try to hide it.
  • Explain the situation.
  • Plan better next time.
  • Don’t make it a habit.

As for me, another deadline came up. My monthly newsletter goes out tomorrow morning. I wanted to make it special for CPA firm citizens because they are nearing the end of a very busy time. Leaders will be re-engaging with various issues and challenges inside their firms. Unless, of course, you don’t have any issues and challenges inside your CPA firm.

I spent yesterday writing my April CPA Management newsletter. I even expanded it beyond it’s normal content. Then last night, it hit me…. I didn’t make a blog post yesterday!  At other times, I would have written one before midnight just to make the deadline. This time I didn’t. I’ll plan better next time.

I think I hit all the bullet-points, above.  If you aren’t on my newsletter list, you can sign-up here.

  • "I work best after the deadline has passed, when I'm in a panic."
  • Tony Kushner

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