Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Sunday Was An HSD For Me

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to hear Ron Baker speak on Pricing On Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value.  It was thought-provoking, interesting and simply put, logical.

Baker taught me about High Satisfaction Days. HSDs are the days when something happens that makes you swell with a sense of accomplishment and think Life Is Good.

I am a big fan of Tom Peters and have been for years. What’s sad to me is that so many people I interact with now (much younger than me) have no clue who he is. Baby Boomers – you definitely know who he is. Years ago he co-authored In Search of Excellence – – often tagged as the best business book ever written. His blog is #9 among “The Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs.

I often use quotes from Peters in my presentations and I always urge my clients and friends to follow his blog and read The Little Big Things, his most recent book.

So…. the point of this rambling – the thing that made me have an HSD….. on Sunday Tom Peters replied to one of my tweets. I’ve been pretty much on a high ever since.  I captured a picture with my iPhone, of course.  Are you working to create more HSDs inside your accounting firm?





  • "Tom Peters is the most provocative and engaging (as well as annoying and threatening) management guru running loose in America today."
  • CBS MarketWatch

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