Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Make Sure Your CPA Firm Is Speeding Up

I was browsing some Tom Peters‘ material and found a slide that spoke volumes to me – – for the CPA profession, in general, and to me specifically relating to things I have observed over my 30 years working with CPAs.

Peters is so gracious in sharing his slides (and thoughts) and I have been using this particular thought in my presentations recently.

In the “old” days, when I first entered the CPA profession I reported directly to the Managing Partner. I observed his style and a lot of other things about him. (Just like YOUR people are now observing YOU – remember, they watch you with a magnifying glass.)

Luke Ware was what you could call “old school.” An excellent CPA and a great mind. He did make plans for the firm and you could describe his process as, Ready, Aim, Fire. I felt he did a good job of preparing/researching (Ready), Deciding (Aim), and then Implementing (Fire). I believe we continued that style as the firm prospered and grew over the years.

As the years moved on and I obtained a much broader exposure to the CPA profession and to what actually goes on inside many CPA firms, I found out (from the people working inside these CPA firms) that their style had become: Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim, Aim…….

CPA partners prepared but often failed to make the final decision and carry through with implementation.

TIME HAVE CHANGED!  If your firm is to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, constantly connected business world, you need to adopt a style that is more like: Fire! Fire! Fire!

This applies not only to client service (responsive, quick turnaround) but to everything inside the firm.  If you don’t speed-up the way you conduct your people practices such as, hiring, training, promoting, flexibility, providing formal feedback along with immediate, daily feedback on their progress, you will not be a winner in the war for talent.

Below is a picture of the slide – Why not print it out and put it in your workspace where you will constantly see it as a reminder?


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