Friday, May 30th, 2014

I Have Enjoyed Getting To Know Sarah Johnson Dobek

If you have a growing CPA firm, I bet you have a lot of marketing and practice growth challenges. I have had the privilege to get to know and become friends with several marketing/sales focused people in the public accounting profession over my many years in the profession and have learned so much from them.

Having old friends is priceless. However, don’t limit yourself just because you have many old friends. To grow as a professional, explore and nurture new relationships on a continual basis.

Johnson DobekDuring the last four years or so, I have met and gotten to know Sarah Johnson Dobek. Sarah has been active in the CPA profession for many years and is a long-time member (and leader) of The Association for Accounting Marketing.

Sarah and I are both members of The CPA Consultants’ Alliance and she has been a real asset to the Alliance and to me personally.

Sarah’s firm is called Inovautus Consulting. On her website it says, “Practical Ideas For Growth.” No nonsense, practical (easily to implement) ideas – we all need those!

Recently, Rob Nance interviewed Sarah for a Spotlight on her website. Here’s the Question and Answer that grabbed my attention:

Q:  You were once a firm’s marketing director. How has that role changed over the years and where do you see it headed?

Sarah:  It’s changed a lot. Marketing today isn’t just about making something look pretty. The technical landscape has changed a lot and so have he expectations. Firms are looking for results and are expecting their marketing and business development staff to produce. Today’s growth professionals are savvy leaders within their organizations who have to be educators, politicians, and change agents.

CPA marketers must be more than marketing administrators; firms need “growth professionals.”

To learn more, read the full interview with Sara.

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