Friday, January 30th, 2015

It’s Okay….. It’s Bruce Tulgan

IMG_4694I began blogging every business day in 2006.

On January 20th 2006 I mentioned Bruce Tulgan in a blog post. That was 9 years ago…. a lot of blog posts have followed. Since then I have continued to feature Tulgan and his message. My mission is to provide relevant resources to those working in the CPA profession via Tulgan’s books, newsletters and videos.

His findings, based on extensive research and interviews with young workers just beginning their careers, are exactly what CPA firm leaders need to hear to help guide them through the people management minefield.

Yesterday, I finally got to hear him speak LIVE and talk with him afterwards at Winning Is Everything in Las Vegas. I was not disappointed. ┬áHe was nice enough to sign my well-worn copy of It’s Okay To Be the Boss and pose for a picture.

More importantly, here are some bullet point highlights of his talk.

  • 31% of the workforce are millennials
  • The second wave of young workers, born 1999 and forward are called Gen Z.
  • Too many managers/supervisors are not managing
  • The first day on the job is SO important – be ready for them. Don’t fall into the “first day disconnect.”
  • Do young people have higher expectations? – – Yes!
  • They will do grunt work but not for VAGUE promises of long-term rewards.
  • Think short-term and transactional.
  • They walk in with more information than any generation before.
  • Myth: We have to humor them. No, they want to add value
  • Myth of fairness: You do not need to treat everyone alike.
  • In accounting firms, they face the multiple boss problem (my advice – sketch out the chain of command for them).
  • They are high maintenance, learn to deal with it.
  • If you hire low-maintenance talent, they will “hide-out” in your firm for years and just be mediocre.

Here’s the autograph on my copy of It’s Okay To Be The Boss. Thanks, Bruce!


  • "Performance coaching... it is the constant banter of focus, improvement and accountability."
  • Bruce Tulgan

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