Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Firm Of The Future – So Much To Talk About

Today, I am delighted to be heading out to join the CPA Network members for a two-day MAP session to discuss one topic:

Becoming A Firm Of The Future

The CPA Network is a group of practitioners located in Ohio that have joined together to help themselves and each other. These are small firms and sole practitioners who understand the value of sharing and helping each other. They meet three times a year – a full-day tax update session, a full-day A&A update session and TWO full days of MAP (managing an accounting practice). I love the camaraderie of this group and the fact that just because they are small….. it doesn’t mean they are not mighty!

Firm of the Future 2015We are going to explore what “firm of the future” really means to firms like theirs. So much is being written about striving to be a future-ready firm – from the AICPA, state societies, other CPA firm associations, CPA management consultants, M&A brokers and by practitioners themselves.

My opinion is that it is pretty much the same old stuff I have been addressing for years and years! The big issue is – IMPLEMENTATION. That’s the key. Hopefully, we will come away with some definite Action Steps and some accountability to each other, that ACTION will occur.

If you want more information about joining this group just let me know. They welcome new members.

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  • Alice Walker

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