Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Try It, You’ll Like It – – Twitter

Twitter_logo_blueI have blogged about accountants using Twitter numerous times. However, I continually ask CPAs, “Do you have a Twitter account?” and the answer is almost always, “No.”

CPAs are usually more tentative in adopting something different. However, with Twitter I urge you to jump-in, set-up an account and pick a few people/organizations to follow so you can understand how it works and figure out how you can use it for efficiency – Yes, I said efficiency.

Here’s my approach – – I follow a few people/organizations because I want to use Twitter to keep me informed. I selected a few news sources and CPA management resources (and some family members) and I check Twitter every morning – very early – to get the latest world and national news. I can keep current much quicker than reading a newspaper or watching TV.

I check it periodically throughout the day (takes 30 seconds) and I tweet throughout the day, especially if I am attending an event that is of interest to CPAs. I want to share information (that’s the whole point).

Managing partners, your people would love to read some tweets from you! Set-up a private Twitter and only allow your employees to follow you. Then tweet about your day – – “I had breakfast with the President of US Bank this morning.” “Here’s a good article from the AICPA.” (include the link).

I have tweeted nearly 11,000 times and I have nearly 4,000 followers (that’s a fairly big number for someone focusing on the CPA profession).

Check out my friend, Robert Raiola (@SportsTaxMan) he’s a CPA Twitter wizard. He has 50,000 followers.

  • "LinkedIn is for the people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know."
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