Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Off Topic – Thoughts About Air Travel

“Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price.” – Amelia Earhart

I’ve flown a lot and on a variety of airlines. This year, I have cut back some and that makes me very happy.


  • I have met and talked with many very interesting people.
  • Flying gets me to places far away, very quickly.
  • I enjoy the actual “flying” part.
  • I am still mystified by the fact that I am actually way above the earth and still can be fascinated by looking out the window.
  • Flying has enabled me to visit all 50 states.


  • Flights are delayed, changed or cancelled without any real honesty as to why.
  • There is very little of something called customer service (unless you are on a long – over the ocean – flight).
  • Planes and airports are dirty places.
  • While Americans get larger, seat space gets smaller.

Some males, as well as females, irritate me.

  • Men put the carryon item meant to be under the seat in the overhead bin, leaving less space for suitcases.
  • Men spread out – they crowd those next to them.
  • Men reading newspapers overlap into your “space” and assume that it is perfectly alright.
  • Women often ignore the 2-carryon rule – shopping bags, large purses plus the overhead suitcase.
  • It takes some women way too long to get settled in and even longer to depart.
  • It is usually women who talk too loudly and long on their phone to let relatives know they are taking off or have just landed, plus lots of other personal information – TMI.
  • People with backpacks don’t seem to notice that they hit people (who are already seated) in the head with their backpack when they stow their carryon.

This was more of a rant than a blog, I apologize, but I just had to express myself. Want to see some airline slogans? Click here.

  • "Pilots take no joy in walking. Pilots like flying."
  • Neil Armstrong

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