Friday, March 1st, 2019

Procrastination Might Have Paid Off

In 2015, I did a post about the new trend of having an open office environment. During that year and in years prior, I featured more posts about the increased collaboration that happens with an open office.

Scratch that.

Things change. Researchers are now telling us that open offices kill teamwork. It seems that a large percentage of people working in open offices cocoon themselves with headphones and they simply text each other.

“If you’ve ever sought refuge from the goldfish bowl of an open-plan office environment by cocooning yourself with headphones, or if you’ve decided you’d rather not have that challenging conversation with a colleague in front of a large group of your peers, and opted to email them instead, then these findings will come as little surprise.” – Christian Jarrett

So, if you procrastinated on adopting an open office plan it might have just paid off. Please don’t procrastinate on other important decisions!

Read more about the findings here.

  • "Give yourself more opportunities for privacy, when you are not bombarded with duties and obligations. Privacy is not a rejection of those you love; it is your deserved respite for recharging your batteries."
  • Wayne Dwyer

2 Responses to “Procrastination Might Have Paid Off”

  1. Rita,

    Happy Friday! Always enjoy your posts.

    As with any topic like this there are many right answers and there is always another study to point one way or the other.

    One firm’s experience: we moved into new space in May, 2018. Took a middle ground of a more open environment than a traditional office which we had previously. Managers and above still have private offices but with inside glass walls. Everyone else has an assigned workstation with mid sized walls. Everyone has a stand up desk and minimum of 3 monitors. Several private “huddle” rooms.

    We have witnessed an incredible and noticeable increase in collaboration.

    I am regularly in lots of different office environments and I see folks with headphones regardless of the environment!

    Thanks again for your always enlightening posts.

  2. rkeller says:

    Hi John, Thanks so much for your comments. I love to hear when things work well for a firm. I’ll keep this in mind as I talk with others.

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