Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Professional Courtesy

“When someone is there for you, has your back, that’s somebody to pay attention to because that’s a friend.” – Martin Landau

High school students are being taught to use professional courtesy.

What does that mean in the classroom? It is a call to every person in the space for their eyes and ears to

be focused on the teacher. Computers are at half-mast, headphones are out and students are completely

present with the teacher.

Watch this very short video to see what it is like.

I believe that professional courtesy could be utilized in a CPA firm. How many times have you walked into a

person’s office to talk face-to-face with them and they are constantly glancing at their computer or device?

  • "Pay attention, don't let life go by you. Fall in love with the back of your cereal box."
  • Jerry Seinfeld

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