Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Reminiscing Today

“A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope.” – Charles M. Schulz

Today is a special date for me. It is my blog anniversary. I have completed 14 years of blogging.

I started blogging on January 2, 2006, and I have written a blog post every business day since then. There may have been two or three exceptions over all those years but I honestly can’t remember not posting. I did not miss posting on trips out of the country, across the International Date Line to Australia, while rafting on rivers in Costa Rica, visiting Canada and Mexico and on many trips to national parks across the country. The easy access to Wi-Fi is amazing.

Here’s that first post:

Happy New Year 2006 and Welcome to Rita Keller’s Blog.

I know that many of you, visiting this blog, are part of my expanding team of CPA firm management explorers – seeking new ways and revisiting proven, old ways of efficiently and profitably managing the CPA firm of the future – the firm where young professionals will want to build their careers.

I am just getting started, so check back soon for more information.

I am sending you the same message today – let’s continually explore ways to improve your firm and yourself.

I have also been tweeting for many years. I started in April 2008 and continue to tweet several times a day – every business day. Follow me on twitter!

  • "I think it would be interesting if old people got anti-Alzheimer's disease where they slowly began to recover other people's lost memories."
  • George Carlin

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