Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Who Would Miss You?

“It is no longer possible to be important to everyone.” – Seth Godin

I don’t want to focus on death here – too depressing. But, would your clients really, truly miss you if you were gone?

Let’s say you, rather suddenly, decide to retire. Or, you accept an offer to become CFO for a large, prestigious company. Who, in your public accounting work world, would miss you?

I worked inside a growing CPA firm for 30 years. Many, many people came and went. Even when some people, who I thought were key people, key performers, great client service people, left…. most clients and team members didn’t seem to miss them at all.

I have read that when a sole practitioner suddenly dies, his/her clients will find another CPA very quickly – they don’t wait. In a larger firm, there are other partners and managers who have (or should have) client contact and can reassure the client that their financial affairs will be handled competently.

My point of all this is that there are a small group of clients who place a higher value on your advice and counsel. They are probably your favorite clients and may be part of a special segment you serve.

It is difficult to be important to everyone but you can be important to a small, valuable, easy-to-work-with group. They would miss you if you were gone. Seek more clients like that and out-place the others who think you are generic.

If you are a sole practitioner, I hope you have a practice continuation agreement in place.

  • "Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it."
  • Calla Quinn, author

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