Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Your Remote Workforce

“Engaged employees are the name of the game if your firm wants to hold on to talent.” – Sandra Wiley

Not that long ago, it was very important to CPA owners (partners) to be able to SEE people working. I always called it the “butts in seats” mentality. If a seat was empty in a cubicle or a manager didn’t appear in their office on a certain day, they were not working!

We have seen gradual change in that thinking in recent years and then in 2020 the big game-changer happened.

Now, partner and managers are faced with the never-before task of Normalizing Remote Work. That is the title of a recent article by Sandra Wiley, President of Boomer Consulting.

Per Wiley:

As many firms have learned over the past couple of months, working with remote teams isn’t as simple as handing everyone a laptop. If having your employees working from home recently was challenging, the problem was likely a failure to set expectations rather than remote work itself.

With a remote team, you’re forced to set objectives and establish key performance indicators and communication frameworks. You can’t measure an employee’s productivity by the fact that you’ve seen them working long hours in the office. It’s easy to feel like your on-site team has accountability for just showing up, but directions are less tangible when people are working off-site.

Be sure to read Wiley’s entire article to learn some strategies and tools you should consider when establishing your remote work policies.

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