Monday, July 20th, 2020

The Rosenberg Survey

“Great firms continually reinvent themselves.” – Marc Rosenberg

Want to know more about what is going on in the CPA profession? Take part in the Rosenberg Survey and receive key information about how you stack up with your colleagues in the CPA profession.


For over a decade, The Rosenberg Survey has provided accounting firms with key benchmark statistics. Did you know? The Elite Firms from our 2019 survey (firms with income per partner > $500k) had the following metrics:

  • Ratio of staff to equity partner – 8.8
  • Net fees per equity partner – $2,410,918

The Survey has dozens of other metrics from the elite firms so be sure to participate!
Why is The Rosenberg Survey Valuable? 

  • Customized comparison of like sized firms in similar markets for participating firms.
  • Accurate and valid results reviewed by three CPAs.
  • Reliable year-over-year comparisons, 89% of the firms in our 2019 survey also participated in 2018.
  • Robust pool of over 310 participants makes our data relevant to firms of all sizes.
  • Clear cut data displayed by firm size for comparison.

Click Here to Participate in 2020 Rosenberg Survey

  • "80% of firms never make it to the second generation."
  • Marc Rosenberg

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