Monday, January 4th, 2021

A Great CPA Firm

“A culture of greatness doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when a leader expects greatness and each person in the organization builds it, lives it, values it, reinforces it and fights for it.” – Jon Gordon

The above quotation from Jon Gordon, of course, made me think of the many CPA firms I know and have known over the many years I have been working with the CPA profession.

You can definitely tell if they have a culture of greatness and if their leaders nurture that culture.

As this year begins, think about the culture in your firm. Is it one of greatness? Is that greatness nurtured?

If not, be sure to identify your culture and go from there. If you have not sculpted your culture, it will form anyway and it might become a culture that you are not proud of.

Some cultures to avoid:

  • The lack of urgency culture.
  • The back-biting culture.
  • The sweat shop culture.
  • The old school culture.
  • The make fun of clients culture.
  • The “us” against “them” culture.

Hire for cultural fit and make your culture one of inclusion, life-long-learning, appreciation and pride.

Gallup offers a free culture development guide. Learn more about it here.

  • "A company can't buy true emotional commitment from managers no matter how much it's willing to spend; this is something too valuable to have a price tag. And yet a company can't afford not to have it."
  • Stan Slap

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