Friday, March 5th, 2021

Singin’ the Blues

“The blues ain’t nothing but a good man feelin’ bad.” – Leon Redbone

My husband, Darrell, enjoys the blues and we often listen to Bluesville on satellite radio when we are driving. The names of the artists display when the music is playing and it amazes me how so many have colorful nicknames.

We grew up in a small town so nicknames are nothing unusual for us. I often wondered how my parents’ acquaintances got their nicknames but I never thought to ask. I remember… Fat Parks (it was evident how he got his name), Doc Owens (he was definitely not a doctor), Coon Dog Oakley, Toad Steele, and others that were easy to identify like Red Reid (he had red hair), Whitey for Jim White and Elmo for Larry Wenning because he resembled the Dagwood comic strip character Elmo.

The wonderful blues legend, B. B. King (Riley B. King), is a good example. Early in his career he was a radio personality and became known as the Beale Street Blues boy, later shortened to Blues Boy, and you guessed it, even shorter to B. B.

I guess, to be a really great blues artist you need a cool nickname. Well, here’s your chance. Use your three initials to find your perfect blues name from the chart below. Mine is Skinny Bones Smith- Ha! If I was selecting my own I would choose Washboard Mama Blue – how cool.

Share this with your team and have some fun today.

  • "A guy will promise you the world and give you nothin', and that's the blues."
  • Otis Rush

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