Monday, April 26th, 2021

Do You Believe?

“I never believe anyone at all you see, I know human nature so well” Miss Marple

Who do you always believe? What do you always believe?

These are tough questions for anyone and especially applicable to those working in public accounting. Who and what do you believe in your work life?

Firm leaders devoted time and effort to establish the firm mission/purpose, vision, and core values. Do you believe in them?

Do you believe your peers? Example: A co-worker says to you, “You should hear what Fred said about you!”

Do you believe your manager? Example: You have been assigned to what everyone says is a difficult client engagement. Your manager says, “Don’t worry about being on the Jones job with me. It’s really a fairly easy job.”

Do you believe the firm partners? Example: “We will be completely and absolutely paperless before the end of the year.” They said that three years ago. “We are going to add a few more employee benefits so we can attract the most talented people.” They said that two years ago. I could go on!

A very important one – do you believe what your clients tell you? Be careful in this area.

I have observed that in public accounting, you can believe most people and things you hear or are told. But don’t be too gullible. Keep in mind the quote above from Miss Marple.

  • "Be open minded, but not so open minded that your brains fall out."
  • Groucho Marx

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