Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Retention – A Dual Responsibility

“Just imagine how great a workplace could be if employers and employees worked together to improve retention.” – Sharlyn Lauby

We have discussed and discussed the talent wars in public accounting for years. I couldn’t imagine how it could get much worse. But it has.

Sharlyn Lauby (@hrbartender), in a recent article, acknowledges that retention is on the shoulders of the employer. However, employees should also share in the retention efforts.

“Organizations are unable to put retention strategies in place if they don’t understand what employees want (i.e. what makes them stay with the company). Some of you might be saying that this means the obligation is on the employer. True – but the employee has to give them the information. That’s where the employee plays a part in retention.”

Firm leaders cannot provide what employees want unless employees provide honest feedback. As a person working in a CPA firm do you provide honest feedback when asked? The main reason employees don’t give honest feedback is the fear of retaliation .

Read Lauby’s article to learn about the three basic employee needs:

Power needs are the ability to influence.

Affiliation needs are related to being a part of the team.

Achievement needs are focused on the ability to get things done.

If you wonder why your team members do not provide feedback, ask yourself – Do our employees feel safe giving feedback? Have we always acted upon feedback received in the past.

  • "Organizations need to figure out if culture is keeping employees from providing the feedback you’re looking for."
  • Sharlyn Lauby

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