Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

COVID Policies

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Because of the COVID-19 variant some firms are revising or reinstating their COVID policies.

One member of the CPAFMA (CPA Firm Management Association) was kind enough to share their firm’s policy that was reinstated last week and allowed me to share it here.

Samples like this are so helpful to other firms who may want to copy them or use them to develop their own guidelines. I hope you find it helpful.


Clients are given the option of dropping documents at an outside table via clear plastic packets then calling to let us know they’ve put them in the dropbox. Once dropped off, the documents are sanitized and passed for project assignment.

  • Clients may come inside to drop documents but will be required to have a mask on and use the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk.
  • Clients who need to come in for meetings can do so but must wear a mask and participate in a temperature screening.
  • Clients who do not want to wear a mask may opt to have their conferences conducted via telephone conference.
  • Employees going out of the office are heavily encouraged to wear a mask while in client offices.
  • All office meetings and celebrations are being held via Teams Software.
  • Employees are urged to self-monitor daily.
  • Direct exposure within the home of a employee requires that employee to work from home for 10 days.
  • Direct exposure outside of the home requires self-monitoring and work from home for 10 days.
  • Indirect exposure requires the employee to wear a mask within the office, stay in their office as much as possible and avoid common areas.
  • Any employee stating they have covid must provide a confirmed test to the Firm Administrator.
  • Any employee who works from home for any period after any claimed exposure must provide a negative covid test to the Firm Administrator before they can return to work.
  • If an employee is a caregiver for a dependent who is required to isolate then that employee must work from home during that period.
  • Special circumstances are considered. 
  • Our pregnant ladies have been asked to work from home until we see how this virus kicks back up. 

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