Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

The Childcare Hurdle

“Working from home doesn’t solve the childcare problem.” – Suzanne Lucas

Want to differentiate your firm and be able to attract career-minded CPAs? Consider offering some sort of childcare benefit.

While we often believe that receiving substantial unemployment benefits is the reason people quit working, many are saying the real factor is the high cost, or even the existence, of childcare.

In a recent article by Suzanne Lucas (@realevilhrlady), she makes the case for employers to help employees with this high-cost, career hampering burden. The title of the article: The Number 1 Reason the Unemployed Turn Down Jobs. Here’s an excerpt:

Childcare work pays a ridiculously low wage–on average, $11 an hour. If these workers are part of the 1.8 million who turn down jobs because unemployment offers more, then higher wage earners can’t turn to work either. If schools don’t open reliably and daycare centers can’t hire enough people, not everyone can return to work.

It is a complicated issue. Read the article to learn more and then consider how your firm can subsidize childcare in some fashion.

The childcare issue is nothing new in the CPA profession. Young CPAs just beginning their families have faced this same issue for years and it usually falls on the female’s shoulders. She puts her career on hold to be able to stay at home with her children. It becomes an interrupted career path for many.

  • "Even if unemployment insurance ends, why would you take a child care job for $11 an hour when you can walk across the street and get a job in retail or restaurants for $15?"
  • Suzanne Lucas

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