Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

CPA Exam Resources

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Once the Fall due dates have passed, I imagine many of your valuable team members will be focusing more seriously on passing the prestigious CPA Exam.

I often get inquiries about the kind of employee benefits accounting firms should provide relating to the CPA Exam. My advice is always to be generous.

I became aware of a site that provides lots of great (free) information for those focusing on The Exam. I found it very helpful. It features the CPA Exam Requirements by individual states.

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We offer free resources on our website which are available to those who are planning to take the CPA Exam. Aside from the free resources on the website, they can also download the free ebook “28 Things You Need To Know About The Ethics Exam” here

Our mission is to provide educational resources which are readily available with rich yet concise information and tips on how to pass the CPA Exam via digital and innovative learning, paving the way for their professional success and for them to lead meaningful lives.

As always, I strongly urge recent accounting graduates to focus on passing The Exam immediately after graduation. Some new hires I have known have already passed The Exam before they reported for their first job at an accounting firm. The sooner you take it the better chance you have at passing quickly. Once you have the CPA credential, you have a definite advantage in building a successful career in the business world.

Another reminder for the firm – be generous and supportive of your candidates.

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