Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

A Culture of Checking In

“The more you check in with your people the more love-filled your team will be, and so the more productivity, creativity, resilience, and collaboration you will get.” – Marcus Buckingham

When I read the above quote, it brought to mind the 12 Questions to measure employee engagement first introduced by Marcus Buckingham in his book, First Break All The Rules. By now, I hope you have read the book.

I have written about the 12 Questions several times. You can read them here in a post I did in 2018.

Buckingham, along with many other experts, is telling us that great managers perform check-ins with their direct reports frequently. It is how managing people has evolved. The annual performance appraisal is dead. Today’s workforce wants to know how they are doing daily. A check-in can be monthly or weekly but I think it should be more often. The old description of a manager: A person who gets work done through other people. That is not what happens in CPA firms. A manager spends too much time working and not enough time checking in.

Checking in doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Watch this short video from Buckingham and become a better manager of people.

You are a leader if and only if, you are restless for change, impatient for progress, and deeply dissatisfied with status quo.- Marcus Buckingham
  • "The true genius of a great manager is his or her ability to individualize. A great manager is one who understands how to trip each person's trigger."
  • Marcus Buckingham

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