Monday, March 7th, 2022

Too Busy

“Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are busy can’t be wise.” – Lin Yutang

It’s that time of year, time for my BUSY post. I hear it over and over again, “I’m too busy.”

You don’t like feeling like that, but nevertheless, you do.

When you dig deep into why you are too busy it usually uncovers the fact that it is because of the choices you make.

Kids these days are scheduled almost 24/7. When do they have time to play outside, wade in a stream, collect colorful leaves in the fall or spot the first crocus peeking out of the soil in the spring?

Adults have work that is filled with answering emails and attending meetings plus responsibilities on the home front, such as raising children. When do they have time to actually think, daydream, relax and examine the life they are living?

Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” What did he mean by that? Here’s an explanation:

Socrates‘ claim that the unexamined life is not worth living makes a satisfying climax for the deeply principled arguments that Socrates presents on behalf of the philosophical life. The claim is that only in striving to come to know ourselves and to understand ourselves do our lives have any meaning or value.

In your CPA work life, if you are always saying you are so busy or too busy, why would clients and referral sources refer others to you? Make it a rule to never say the “B” (busy) word in the office. Anyone caught saying BUSY must drop $1.00 into the money jar in the break room. Soon you will have enough for a great party!

As for partners, when young accountants observe the VERY long hours you work, why would they ever want to become an owner in a CPA firm?

  • "It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?"
  • Henry David Thoreau

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