Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Wanting To Be Served

“We live in the age of entitlement, as opposed to enlightenment.” – Bill Bailey

Do you need to listen to a parenting expert? Yes.

As John Rosemond, a widely-read parenting expert wrote this a few years ago:

People with high self-esteem want to be paid attention to and served. They believe in their entitlement. On the other hand, folks with high regard for others pay attention to others and look for opportunities to serve them.

It is unarguable that culture is best served, preserved, and advanced by folks who fit into the latter category. Entitlements weaken, and a culture-wide entitlement mentality weakens the entire culture. Along these lines, every single manager, employer, and supervisor with whom I’ve talked in the last decade or so has told me that today’s young college graduates, by and large, are not looking for work; rather, they are looking for benefits packages (i.e. entitlements).

I must admit, I have heard from many CPA firm partners that they have some partners who are definitely on the high self-esteem wagon, demanding attention and not caring about the feelings of others. Think about the future if ALL of your partners were without humility and a sense of caring for others.

Set the example for your entire team by always demonstrating a high regard for others. Counsel others, if you need to, about their attitude of entitlement (wanting to be served).

  • "It is true that, when an entitlement begins to be enjoyed by people, they like to keep it."
  • Jon Kyl

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