Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Who Are You Traveling With?

“In life, it’s not where you go… it’s who you travel with.” – Charles Schulz

Of course, the above quotation refers to Charlie Brown and Snoopy. They are different species and have different experiences. They enjoy different things and don’t speak the same language. Yet, they are on life’s journey together.

According to a Peanuts fan page, Charlie Brown loves Snoopy and cares for him deeply, and thinks he is a great dog. In early strips, Charlie Brown seems to miss Snoopy when they go to sleep, even though he knows that they will see each other first thing the next morning.

In strips from later years, Charlie Brown gets a little annoyed by Snoopy’s laziness. All Snoopy ever seems to do is sleep on his doghouse, and wait for Charlie Brown to bring his dog food out.

Does this sound somewhat similar to how you feel about some of your partners? I imagine it does, yet, you are on life’s journey together.

  • "Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use."
  • Charles M. Schulz

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