Thursday, June 9th, 2022


“If you struggle to find inspiration, you’re likely surrounded by the WRONG people.” – Brad Lea

Who influences you in your work life? Is there someone you talk to that causes you to think about possibilities? Who causes you to take action on some of your ideas? Who helps you implement ideas and initiatives?

If you don’t have that someone you better find them. I think of the many mentors and role models I have had in my business life. They made me believe I could do things I never dreamed of. They made me a better employee, a better boss, a better consultant, and a better person.

If your firm leadership group seems boring, complacent, and happy with the status quo maybe it is time for you to surround yourself with some dynamic thinkers. Find them at meetings, conferences, and even online. Listen to podcasts and read inspiring blogs. It’s up to you to find your influencers.

  • "Attitude is greatly shaped by influence and association."
  • Jim Rohn

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