Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

Something You Need – EQ

“Common sense is not so common.” – Voltaire

You have been reading about it for many years now. Are you getting better at it? I am talking about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Some have said that accountants often do not have a high level of EQ while they do rank highly when it comes to IQ.

The following is a brief excerpt from a blog post via Payroll Vault. Emotional intelligence is one of the 5 leadership skills that can make HR managers more successful. I think it can make CPAs and their teams more successful.

Emotional intelligence, better known as EQ, is in massive demand in the modern workplace. In fact, a lot of employers assert that EQ is far more important than IQ in contemporary times. This is for the simple reason that automation cannot replace emotional intelligence even if it offers a great alternative for IQ. 

Did you know that people with above-average EQ earn up to USD 29000 more per annum than people with low EQ? Besides, Vantage Circle further states that EQ can improve job performance by 56 percent. Did you know that already? Every ounce of EQ you develop can literally take your career to the next level.

However, before we discuss the correlation between EQ and leadership, let us look at the definition of EQ for once to be on the same page. Emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to manage and control emotional influences in a positive way to produce positive outcomes. Besides, people with high EQ also have the ability to positively manage and guide the emotions of others around them. 

Read the entire article here via Payroll Vault.

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