Monday, July 18th, 2022

Remote Is Remote

“What if wages drop? What if no one is willing to pay New York City wages for people who work in Idaho?” – Suzanne Lucas 

Just some thoughts today about remote workers. Also, some questions for firm owners.

CPA firms have survived during the last couple of years by being able to utilize remote workers. Their talented accountants worked from home, and to the surprise of many partners, it worked well. Firms have had a couple of years of significantly increased profits.

Now, many firms would prefer their people to return to the office. But, many of their most talented employees do not want to.

Per an article via Inc., the Pew Research Foundation found that 61 percent of the people working from home were doing so by choice — not because there wasn’t an office to go to.

With most of your people mainly working remotely, how will you identify people for promotion? How will you identify people who deserve a larger salary increase than other employees? How will you know what kind of relationships they are able to build with clients? How will you observe their executive presence and many other characteristics you look for in your next generation of owners? Will you judge your workforce solely on their production numbers? That sounds like taking a step backward.

If you are going to have work done remotely, why not jump into the offshore outsourcing world and save a lot of money? Qualified people will prepare your tax returns (and many other tasks) for much less money. Do you begin to pay more to the people who come to the office and less to those who work remotely?

Read this article via Inc. titled – Holland to Make Remote Work the Law. This May Backfire, then think about what the future will look like for your firm.

  • "Companies don't give job security. Only satisfied customers do."
  • Jack Welch

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