Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

Only Working 8 to 5

“Consistently working late is not necessarily a sign of a hard worker, but rather the inability to use time wisely.” – Victor Bretting

If you are reading the latest news and trends, you are aware of something called “Quiet Quitting.” I understand that it means that people (and not only younger people) are tired of going above and beyond. These workers say that they are getting paid for working 8 to 5 with one hour for lunch. That’s an eight-hour day and that is what they are willing to work.

In the accounting profession, going above and beyond usually means working extra hours. Traditionally, most of those extra hours have been from mid-January to April 15.

I don’t see Quiet Quitting applying to the CPA profession because of the enhanced flexibility firms are willing to offer to anyone qualified to work in the CPA profession.

For those workers in any profession that want just to work an eight-hour day, does that mean you will actually work eight hours? What about when you arrive on time but spend 15 minutes in the break room getting coffee (and even eating your carry-in breakfast)? What about the time you spend on personal phone calls, checking personal emails, checking social media, talking to Mary Ann about the guy you met last weekend, and playing fantasy football? What about the times you actually take a little extra time for lunch? Probably, almost everyone in your firm would benefit from a time management course.

In progressive firms, it is simply a negotiation between the firm and the individual. Firm leaders can no longer treat everyone the same or pay everyone the same if they are at a certain experience level (such as, all Seniors make this much, all new graduates make this much, and all Managers make the same.

Keep in mind it is simply paying for performance.

  • "Most people chase success at work, thinking that will make them happy. The truth is that happiness at work will make you successful."
  • Alexander Kjerul

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