Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022


“If you are hanging out your shingle, you should be focused on specialization.” – Gale Crosley

Gale Crosley has been talking about it for years. “It” means specialization. In a recent interview with Tim Keith of Introhive, Gale notes that her #1 recommendation to CPA firms of all sizes is specialization.

Be sure to listen to Gale’s recent conversation with Tim – A Fireside Chat – The State of Strategic Growth.

Here are some bullet points that took from the chat.

  • Our problem with pruning the client base are we are attacking it at a slow pace.
  • The fish are jumping into the boat and we are punishing our people.
  • We are stretching our people, hanging on to clients, and exhausting our staff.
  • We are not wired for fast movement.
  • Disruptive times require strategic thinking.
  • To prune, don’t rank clients a, b, c, and d. Break it down to the business unit level – the nonprofits, the construction, the medical, then make a plan for that unit.
  • The biggest obstacle now is the lack of future thinking. It has evaporated.
  • We are just riding the market conditions.
  • We need to develop our strategy; we do it as a mechanical thing. We include people who are not strategic thinkers; we include worker bees.
  • Get both feet into tomorrow.
  • And much more!
  • "Specialization is the absolute requirement for where we are in our life cycle."
  • Gale Crosley

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