Monday, November 28th, 2022


“Denial just makes it easier for you to drive around your problems instead of removing them.” – Ken Seeley

Are you still “sort of paperless”? It’s time to get fully on board, or the train will leave the station without you.

I have a client that was entirely paperless and mostly remote well before we experienced the COVID pandemic. He accepts no paper and teaches his clients how to submit their data by doing actual training videos for them.

Many CPA firms have experienced fantastic growth since March 2020 (when the pandemic hit the U.S.). They tell me they have more clients than they can adequately serve. They worry about staff turnover and wonder if they are asking too much of their dwindling team.

So, you served clients well while working remotely. You took unusual steps to be able to do that. Mainly, you required your admin team to be in the office scanning documents so the remote accountants could work.

What’s wrong with that picture? Why not require your clients to submit scanned documents in the first place? Why not have a video that teaches them exactly how to do it? It is a requirement if they want to be a client of your firm.

So many CPAs are in denial. They can’t possibly give up all paper. I suspect they are in denial because they are comfortable with the way things are and believe “things” will not change in the future.

This rant was inspired by a quote posted by Steve Keating (@LeadToday). It read:

“Denial is the worst kind of lie… because it is the lie you tell yourself.”

  • "The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists."
  • Isaac Asimov

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