Monday, December 12th, 2022

A Tough Decision

“A lot of things that accounting firms do are job-specific tasks that lend themselves to the gig economy.” – Kyle Walters

Back in July, I did a post to make you think about your people who do not want to come back to the office. They want to work from home and get the same pay and benefits as those showing up at the office daily. Why not simply outsource tax preparation and other tasks?

I realize that when everyone was remote, most CPA firms did not experience a reduction in productivity. Some even had more productivity than when the workers were in the office.

In a recent Accounting Today Voices article, Kyle Walters explores the use of contract workers, and things will change in the future.

He notes, “Increasingly, contract workers are paid on the productivity they deliver — not just for showing up on time — and we have all kinds of metrics and tracking to make remote work more efficient.”

And, “When will firms start offloading their extra workload to independent contractors two or three times per year — and then stop paying them until they need them again during the next crunch period? Sooner than you might think.”

Many CPA firms are already using off-site contractors. Should you expand your use of these more affordable people? Read the article and see what you think. It may be a tough decision.

  • "Everyone likes to think they're irreplaceable at their firm, but unless you're bringing in the business or managing client relationships, is that really true? "
  • Kyle Walters

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