CPA Survey Services

Rita Keller’s CPA survey services are not about financial information and statistics. Keller’s services are about people. We offer three types of people surveys specifically for accounting firms:

  • Upward Feedback Surveys
  • Client Feedback Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Surveys.

Upward Feedback for CPA Partners and/or Managers

Employees do not leave companies they leave their boss. In the CPA profession, “boss” means partners and managers, the people who directly supervise the accounting professionals.

The quality of the supervision and leadership they receive is critical to staff retention. It is not enough that the partner/manager is liked because they are a nice person; they must also be capable of communicating clear expectations and making the staff feel valued. The most common complaints from CPA firm staff are:

  • Lack of clarity about expectations
  • Lack of feedback on performance
  • Lack of communication within the firm

Providing upward feedback to your partners and managers is a critical step in their personal and professional development. Rita Keller helps you do this on a professional, out-sourced basis. Many firms are now including upward survey information for partners as a part of their annual partner compensation process.

Keller’s CPA survey service is an efficient tool to gather the feedback with minimal interruption to your busy professionals. The standard 21 questions have been developed to get the job done and cover the most important criteria, without making the survey too long. We also include a comments section for write-in responses. Surveys can also be customized to meet your firm’s specific needs.

Perhaps the most significant value that you will receive is the review of your results by Rita Keller, an experienced CPA management strategist, and a telephone conference with Keller to answer your questions and to provide her analysis and comments.

You will receive

  • A report for each person showing their results and the number of respondents. (Note that we edit for any in appropriate comments or comments that will affect anonymity.)
  • A summary report for firm management
  • A one-hour post survey telephone consultation with Rita Keller

Your data is secure with us. We will not release any of your firm information to any third party. Participation in our surveys is confidential.


$250 per subject (partners and/or managers)

You may have an unlimited number of evaluators. Minimum fee per firm is $1,500, which includes three subjects. To learn more about the best use of upward surveys and obtain more information, please use our contact form.

Client Satisfaction Survey

Clients are very important people in the lives of CPAs. It is important to know what they think about you and your firm. What they think is also great material to use for client testimonials, a very powerful marketing tool.

Today’s progressive accounting firms are asking clients for critical feedback to help improve and focus the firm. Client survey information is being used in several ways:

  • Partner compensation plans are including a client satisfaction component
  • High ratings are being featured on the firm’s website
  • Client ratings and testimonials are being used in proposals
  • Firms are able to take proactive steps to deal with issues that are uncovered

A key benefit of a client feedback survey is taking the opportunity to educate your clients on all of the services the firm offers and then identifying the services where clients would like more information.

Rita Keller’s CPA Survey Services can manage the process for you. Our carefully developed survey questions gather the data that you need and we minimize the time needed for completion to maximize your response rate.

Our basic survey questions provide you with critical feedback, such as:

  • Relationship Partners (Key Person) rating
  • Overall feedback on the firm
  • Have you considered changing firms in the last 12 months?

Plus, for an additional fee, we will tailor a services section specifically to your firm that will determine if there are additional services that the client has interest in buying from you.

You will receive

  • Detail individual client surveys
  • A summary report for each partner
  • A summary report for the firm


$500 per partner including up to 30 client surveys per partner. $1,500 minimum fee per firm. Special discount for firms with more than 10 partners.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Retaining top talent is key to the long-term success of your CPA firm. One of the most talked about issues in the CPA profession is succession. Who will be the future leaders of the CPA profession? What are they thinking now? How do you keep the best and the brightest at your firm?

Firm leaders agree that retaining their best performers ensures client satisfaction, firm profitability and lays the groundwork for firm succession.

To create a culture where top performers want to stay and build their career is the goal. How do you build such a culture? You ask your people!

There are a number of workplace surveys and competitions. Most are not designed for the CPA profession.

Rita Keller has developed a survey and process to help you find out what your team thinks and then she assists you in determining how to follow-up. The statement, “if you aren’t prepared to do something about it, don’t ask” definitely applies to employee surveys.

Accounting firms have unique characteristics and operating practices. This survey has been designed specifically for accounting firms by people who have actually managed a progressive, growing firm. We ask the right questions.

Perhaps the most significant value that you will receive is the review of your results by an experienced management consultant and a telephone call with Rita Keller to provide you with analysis, comments and to answer your questions.

You will receive

  • A report showing the results for the firm and the number of respondents. (Note: We will edit for any inappropriate comments or comments that will affect anonymity.)
  • Review and comments by an experienced consultant and a telephone consultation.

Your data is secure with us. We will not release any of your firm information to any third party. Participation in our surveys is confidential.


$1,500 per firm up to 10 respondents, plus $45 for each additional respondent.

For a no-obligation consultation to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to contact us.