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Monday, September 10th, 2012

If Your CPA Firm Is Not Growing, It’s Shrinking.

“If you don’t continue to grow you’ll die” – Allan Koltin

I’ve been trying to get it across to CPA practitioners for years and years. So has Koltin and many other management consultants to the profession.

Koltin adds to his statement and says, “Worse than that, you will die a slow death.” Sound dreadful? Sound familiar? Why aren’t you taking action now?

To me, one of the biggest issues inside accounting firms is that success breeds complacency. The current group of senior partners experienced amazing success for many years. It seems they reached their goals and were well rewarded. They appear to be coasting off into the sunset.

Now, a new generation of firm leaders is beginning to take over. They were trained and mentored by those who have become complacent. If you are one of these new managing partners or newer executive committee members, don’t do as they did.

I love action. I base my past success on the fact that I am never, never content. I always want to do things better, faster, more efficiently, try new things, not be afraid of failure (learn from it and move on), learn new things, stay current in a rapidly changing business world…. how about you?

I just want you to take a few minutes today to view this video clip from Allan Koltin.

  • Business isn't forever. Clients aren't forever.
  • Allan Koltin

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Take Action – How’s Your Mentoring Program?

Inside accounting firms, there are a lot of things that leaders think about, talk about, research and then take NO action.

These are things that you will probably be thinking about after April 17th:

  • Do our performance evaluations stink? Maybe they need an update.
  • Should we do an after-busy-season team survey (and then take action on some items)?
  • Maybe we should redesign our cubicle space. Do we need fewer offices and more areas for collaboration?
  • How should we tell our poor performers what our expectations are?
  • How should we tell our top performers what our expectations are?
  • We’ve been talking about a mentoring system for years, what are we going to do about it?

Today, I want to urge you to focus on the last bullet – mentoring. If your program sucks or if you have never introduced a formal mentoring program – please take action this summer.

I do a lot of mentoring/coaching of people working in public accounting.  I found that these Ten Good Reasons to Get a Mentor from Rajesh Setty’s Blog are right on target. Read more about each one by following the link to the article.

  1. The structure provides automatic accountability.
  2. They may ask you questions that you may never ask yourself.
  3. You can learn to reflect.
  4. Discover the “real” problem and get help to solve it.
  5. You may escape from “short-term thinking.”
  6. Get a “Responsible” alternate perspective.
  7. Get into the “thinking” habit.
  8. Get ready to welcome new possibilities.
  9. Learn to be in balance.
  10. Get help to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

As you think about mentoring, reflect back on a teacher that made a difference in your life. Most people can quickly remember a great teacher. Ten years from now will someone remember you as being a meaningful mentor?

  • I am not a teacher, but an awakener.
  • Robert Frost