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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

CPA Profession Bail-Out Season – Don’t Lose Your Top Talent

The April due date has arrived and passed. Are your team members completely burnt-out? Will they almost immediately be thinking, it’s time to move on?

Already in 2012, I have heard about firms losing people. I continue to hear about and read about the brain-drain in public accounting when it comes to females. What are you, as a leader in your firm, going to do about it?

Maybe this year you should consider embracing a career lattice culture rather than a career ladder culture. Not everyone achieves success in the same way. Often there are may detours along the way.

Research has shown that public accounting loses a lot of good people (and many females) when they believe public accounting will not accommodate their personal and career choices. Women want to start a family so they think they must leave public accounting. Don’t let your young talent make this assumption. Most successful firms have already embraced flexibility as a formal part of their culture.

I urge you to paint a picture for your young professionals of a career lattice. Communicate to them: If there comes a times in your life whether you are male or female, when you need or want less (or more), a reduced schedule, more regular hours, less travel, more travel, less responsibility or really want to accelerate your advancement in the firm – talk to us!

Learn more about the career lattice approach from my blog post titled, What Is Your Team Members’ Definition Of Up? I posted it a couple of years ago but it definitely still applies this year.


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