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Thursday, April 11th, 2013

CPA Consultants’ Alliance – Infographic

infographicI am a member of the CPA Consultants’ Alliance. It is a group of consultants focused on the CPA profession who are collaborating to enhance leadership throughout the accounting profession.

We have developed our first infographic based on the valuable insights we shared from our 2012 leadership survey and white paper.

To see the entire graphic, check it out in Accounting Today. In the AToday article there are also comments on leadership from all the CPACA members.

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Friday, January 25th, 2013

AICPA Infographic – The Important Role of CPAs

I am pleased to see the AICPA has jumped on the Infographic bandwagon. Here’s one they have developed that highlights the role CPAs play in business and financial decisions.

CPAs are the most trusted and objective financial experts. Of course, we all knew that…. be proud that you are a CPA or that you are working inside a CPA firm.

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Thursday, October 11th, 2012

The Benefit of Having Women As Partners

I’ll be speaking next week at the South Carolina Women in Leadership Conference – Thursday, October 18th in Columbia. You can register here. So, I’ve been thinking, researching and writing a lot about female CPAs and females, in general, in business.

Did you know that women are starting businesses at a rate of 1.5X the national average?

Did you know that research shows venture capital firms with even just one female partner are 70% more likely to invest in business co-founded by women?

Did you know women entrepreneurs begin with 12% of the funding of their male counterparts BUT have 12% higher revenues?

Here’s a neat infographic that highlights and illustrates the growing number of women in the technology field AND the benefits of having women in the important roles in companies. It was shared with me by Sarah Wenger of MBAonline.

The Rise Of Women In Tech

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