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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Allan Koltin – Yes, he’s cherubic and chirpy

IMG_2335I’ve known Allan Koltin for a very long time.

When I first met him he was simply selling newsletters to CPAs to send to their clients. We have become good friends over the years and he has always been an advocate, mentor and advisor as I have made my way through a complex career within the CPA profession.

Allan moved with ease from salesman to consultant/advisor to some of the most prestigious CPA firms in the country. Now, according to Crain’s Chicago, he’s “the most interesting man in accounting.

Check out the article published on July 8th to read about how Koltin has become the #1 “mover and shaker” when it comes to CPA firm M&A. They call him “cherubic and chirpy.” It makes me smile because I would never have thought of those words to describe him, but they are true.

Congratulations on the great article, Allan.

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Monday, September 10th, 2012

If Your CPA Firm Is Not Growing, It’s Shrinking.

“If you don’t continue to grow you’ll die” – Allan Koltin

I’ve been trying to get it across to CPA practitioners for years and years. So has Koltin and many other management consultants to the profession.

Koltin adds to his statement and says, “Worse than that, you will die a slow death.”┬áSound dreadful? Sound familiar? Why aren’t you taking action now?

To me, one of the biggest issues inside accounting firms is that success breeds complacency. The current group of senior partners experienced amazing success for many years. It seems they reached their goals and were well rewarded. They appear to be coasting off into the sunset.

Now, a new generation of firm leaders is beginning to take over. They were trained and mentored by those who have become complacent. If you are one of these new managing partners or newer executive committee members, don’t do as they did.

I love action. I base my past success on the fact that I am never, never content. I always want to do things better, faster, more efficiently, try new things, not be afraid of failure (learn from it and move on), learn new things, stay current in a rapidly changing business world…. how about you?

I just want you to take a few minutes today to view this video clip from Allan Koltin.

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  • Allan Koltin