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Wednesday, August 6th, 2014








On behalf of my friends at AICPA/PCPS, I urge you to take part in the National MAP Survey…..

Ready…set…GO, CPAs:  This is the final push to gain the most reliable benchmarking survey data; we need to reach as many Public Accounting Firms as possible.  If you want to compare your firm’s performance to other firms like yours, take a couple hours to complete the 2014 AICPA PCPS/TSCPA National MAP Survey which is closing August 15th

Use the personalized results to pinpoint what it will take for your firm to perform “above average” in the categories most important to you. The information gathered benefits the profession as well – please participate if you haven’t already and ask your peers to do the same. 


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Friday, May 25th, 2012

Talking CPA Firm Management And Then Doing Something About It

I missed posting a blog entry yesterday. Sorry about that. It is rare. I have been blogging every business day for 6-1/2 years on the topic of CPA firm management.

So, it’s not difficult for me to “talk” CPA firm management for two solid days – to me it’s fun. Some say it’s weird.

Wednesday and Thursday, on behalf of the Massachusetts CPA Society, I facilitated workshops on the topic. Wednesday it was focused on engaging your people (mentoring them, managing them, understanding the generations in the workplace and building on that culture of understanding). Thursday was focused on MAP (Managing an Accounting Practice) – things like recruiting, orientation, marketing, communication, running an efficient, profitable firm and building a culture where people will stay and build their careers.

Bottom line…. we had a good time each day. It was two separate workshops so some people attended both days and some just attended one. We covered a lot of ground and most important of all, the attendees learned a lot from each other.

They all agreed that they need to go back to their firms and Do Things.

When I asked each participant to share how they felt at the end of the day and what they were going to do, one young gentleman had a thought-provoking comment for all of YOU….

He said (paraphrasing), “I realize that I can make a difference. I’m not going to worry about what everybody else thinks or if all leaders are on board, I can do things on my own.”

Long holiday weekend ahead – get refreshed and take some time to THINK about what you are going to do to make your CPA firm a magnet for talent and clients.

  • Whether you think you can or think you can't. You're right.
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