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Thursday, October 4th, 2012

I Don’t Want To Be Mean Or Disrespectful

However, are you really aware of what some of your people (maybe many of your people) think about you if you are a partner in a CPA firm?

I respect and truly like CPAs. I absolutely love working with them to improve the “inside health” of their firms. They are ladies and gentlemen and really, really nice people. Most of the time we get a lot accomplished and truly have fun. Yet, the usual excuse I get for not dealing with “management” issues is, “I’m too busy.”

As a result, things inside the firm don’t go smoothly and people working at firms begin to think….”there must be a better choice.”

I said all that to set the stage for a comment I received directly and unsolicited from a former team member in a CPA firm. This person was letting me know to take them off my newsletter mailing list. I just want you – CPA leader – to contemplate if this fits you in any way.

“Rita, I love what you are doing, but I got out of the public accounting industry last year after many years. My experience is that partners in this industry make up the worst management I have ever experienced. They are clueless. Keep up your efforts to get through to them.”

This one comment is not rare for me. I get many, similar to the following, that ask, “Rita, why don’t ‘they’ get it?

The talent wars are just beginning to heat-up. You really need to focus on retaining your very best performers (and out-placing your under-performers). If you cling to status-quo your entire firm will be mediocre. All-star talent does not want to work for a mediocre firm.

So – once October 15th passes – please get busy. There is still time this year to actually listen to your people and take action. Ask them what’s important to them.


  • Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.
  • Mae West

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Being The Best

This week I am speaking and facilitating at the Association for Accounting Administration National Practice Management Conference at the Green Valley Ranch. I’ll be visible at FIVE sessions so be sure to seek me out and attend at least one!

Yesterday, as I was flying to Vegas, I read The Dip by Seth Godin. I follow his blog, I hope you do, too.

Today’s gem from the book – for CPAs:

Is your firm the best? Sure, you are probably not the best CPA firm in the world. Reflect back on when you last visited a hotel in an unfamiliar city. Did you ask the conceirge for the name of a typical restaurant OR did you ask about the best restaurant in town?

Your firm is hiring a CPA senior accountant. Did you ask your firm administrator to sift through the resumes and give you the average resumes? Of course not, you want to see the best resumes.

Not the best restaurant in the world, not the best resume in the world but the best for your particular situation.

Many people in your city or town might be asking others, “Who is the best CPA firm in town?” Will your name be on that list?

I worked at a CPA firm for 30 years. Our BHAG was to be the best firm in the markets we served. That meant we were the most visible CPA firm brand, the most visible in the business community, the firm that bankers and attorneys recommended, the firm that college professors recommended, the firm that attracted the top talent at our local universities, etc. We achieved it in the smaller city where we were founded. We achieved it in the next larger city we expanded to.

Potential clients are looking for the best CPA firm in your city. You can be that firm if you want it bad enough. Or, will you just remain comfortable and settle for mediocre?

  • Is it possible that you are just not good enough?
  • Seth Godin