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Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

CPA Firm Staff Compensation Strategies – It’s Money and A Lot More

The talent wars are heating up. According to, recently released research reveals that not only are nearly half of employees looking for greener pastures, but that top performers are the ones most likely to be looking.

I believe this will be an issue for the remainder of 2012 for public accounting. Many top performers have stuck with the firm during the economic downturn and are now itching to move on because it seems like every CPA firm is now hiring.

How do you keep them? One way is to take a critical look at your staff compensation strategies. Maybe it’s time for a facelift. Also, compensation strategies include a whole lot more than actual wages. Most firms that I have talked to this year, so far, are actually paying their people fairly well. Just keep in mind, with today’s workforce, the Beatles were right: …money can’t buy me love.

I hope you will join me tomorrow at 12PM Eastern for a CPA Leadership Institute Webinar: Staff Compensation Strategies That Inspire And Retain Talent. Follow the link to register.

We will talk about money (salaries, bonuses, incentives), the three basics of CPA firm salaries, walking the exempt vs. non-exempt tight-rope plus all of the little things that make the biggest difference – things that don’t cost you much money at all.

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